Check out this link to an article on the front page of the food section in the Portland Press Herald!

Youth and Family Outreach is proud of our nutrition program.  It is one that is mindful of our community's resources, set in sound nutrition, uses only whole ingredients and is good to our planet.

Currently we purchase 75% of our foods locally.

  • Our chef , Dylan Roberts, makes all of our breads, loaf, naan, pita, to name a few.  He also quite often makes our pasta that is used in the lunches. 
  • Oakhurst Dairy - All of our milk is delivered from Oakhurst so it is all hormone and antibiotic free as well as made in Maine.
  • Farm Fresh Connection - This farmer works as a vendor for a variety of Maine farmers.  We purchase seasonally available produce , grains, beans, meat, poultry and eggs from them throughout the year.  So far these products and farmers include:

White oak farm:   Red beets, carrots, Red globe radishes, Strawberries

Michael Jaqumin:  Chard, Cucumbers, garlic

Backyard Farms:  Tomatoes

Streaked Mountain:  Honey

Aurora Mills:  Rolled oats and whole wheat flour

The Beanery:  Red kidney beans, Black Turtle beans

Wealden Farms:  Spinach, turnips

Maine-ly poultry:  Whole chicken

Maine Farms Brand:  Ground beef

Bowden Egg Farm:  Eggs

  • Our cook uses only whole ingredients in the meals he serves.  We provide breakfast, lunch and snack daily.  To keep our program economically sustainable four of our 5 lunches each week are vegetarian.  Some of the meals you may see on the menu are pea shoot and carrot salad, Black turtle beans, baked kale chips, just to name a few. The one day a week that we serve meat, it is "happy meat", purchased from a Maine farmer.

We have embedded into our curriculum opportunities for the cook to get into the classrooms and talk about the food he is using.  We feel it is important for the children to learn about where their food comes from and how it arrives at their table.  To assist with this we have put in four raised garden beds and the children have planted seedlings.  The classrooms will take a day of the week to care for the garden throughout the growing season.