How to get your child on the wait list

  • For children ages 6 weeks to 3 years old, we maintain a wait list.  For children 3 years an older you will need to enter the Portland Public schools pre-K lottery.
  • Our wait list for all age groups is lengthy, and people are called for a slot on a first come, first served basis.  We strongly suggest getting an application on the wait list as soon as possible.  
  •  Send an application (available at the left of the page) to the attention of the Program Director, Camelia Babson-Haley. This can be done via email (, or fax (207-874-2373).  When your application is received, it is entered onto the wait list and you will be notified when an opening is available.
  • We encourage you to be in touch regarding your application and status on the wait list.  Please do this via EMAIL.  This way there will be a record of our conversations.

How to enroll your child at YFO

  • Once you have been notified that a slot has opened in the appropriate classroom an enrollment visit will be scheduled.  We encourage you to schedule 1 to 1.5 hours for this visit so you can take the time to get to know the teaching staff, ask questions and make sure your child feels comfortable with the environment with you there. 
  • Once your child is settled into the classroom depending on their comfort level you may go to the office with the program director to fill out the enrollment paperwork. 
  •  At this time the first day is scheduled based on what your needs are.  Prior to this day more visits may be scheduled if deemed necessary by the family based on the comfort level of the child.
  •  At the time of enrollment you will be asked to submit payment for the first and last week of child care.


Our Rates

*All rates are weekly amounts*

 Effective October 1, 2017

Age Group

Full Time

3 days

2 days



269 203 135




240 181 120



240 181 120


Preschool (and Pre-k when school is not in session)

214 162 108

Public Pre-K15711880(preschool rates apply during school vacations and summer)